Contract and Grant Administration


Neurology Research Administration and Fund Management Office

Reed Neurological Building, Room 4231

The office personnel support the pre and post award needs of the faculty's extramural and intramural contract and grant portfolios, including providing comprehensive support of their overall financial resources and their research programs.

The Research Administrators work as a team with the Fund Managers to ensure that the administrative activities and financial management of faculty research program resources is in compliance with the policies of the university, and with policies and terms/conditions of the awarding agencies and sponsors. The work of applying for contracts and grants on behalf of the faculty is supported by a Pre-Award Team who are integral in the success of new contract and grant award issuance and their future renewals.


Pre Award


Pre-Award Managers support the contract and grant proposals being prepared on behalf of the faculty and research teams associated with the department's research programs.


Research Administration


Research Administrators work with the faculty and researchers in supporting their daily needs and they serve as liaisons for daily interactions with program, department, campus and outside entities.

Trevino, Alice F.
Director of Research Administration

Kathy Suzuki

Tracey Wong

Fund Management


Fund Managers are responsible for the fiscal oversight and required reporting on appropriations and expenditures related to the contracts and grants issued to their assigned faculty.