Human Resources


In support of the Department of Neurology’s principles and values, the Neurology Human Resources team is focused on the central mission to provide and deliver superior support to the department’s most valuable resource - its PEOPLE.. We strive to exceed the expectations of our faculty, staff, peers, and community partners

Core Values

Service Excellence…
We value a customer service approach when interacting with and on behalf of our faculty, staff, and peers.
We embrace and foster teamwork to accomplish tasks and achieve our goals.
We seek to demonstrate empathy, kindness, and respect for our customers and see inherent value in each person.
We respect individuals who possess and display integrity in their day-to-day professional and personal lives.


Our services include: Recruitment and Hiring Policies and Procedures, Benefits, Payroll, Departmental Onboarding, Leaves of Absences, and Performance Management.

Staff Personnel & Payroll


Our Staff Human Resources team provides personnel services for staff employees in the Department of Neurology including the following:

  • Onboarding & Offboarding for staff and student-staff employees
  • Assistance with staff job descriptions, staff development and recruitment.
  • Staff Benefits Enrollment & Counseling
  • Assistance with staff compensation actions (i.e., promotions, reclassifications, equity increases in pay, etc.)
  • Parking requests for all of department of Neurology
  • Research and Administration Volunteer Processing
  • Process initial appointments and reappointments for credentialing and billing purposes
*Staff employees include: Administrative titles (Asst, Adm Spec, Adm Analyst, etc), Staff Research titles (SRA, Lab Asst), Undergrad and Grad students in staff titles, Workstudy students.

Our Payroll and Leave Management team provides payroll and compensation services for all employees in the Department of Neurology which includes some of the following:

  • Monitor, Audit and Submit Staff Bi-Weekly and Monthly Payroll using the Time and Attendance program HBS.
  • Monitor and Process Faculty Compensation & Payroll; including Z payments, Stipends, and Faculty Vacation Reporting
  • Identify and Resolve pay disputes i.e. overtime, holiday pay, accruals usage & earnings
  • Calculate and process manual transactions using a variety of financial systems including FACTS, FPM and PTR
  • Counsel, Coordinate and Process the Leave of Absence Program including FML, CFRA, Worker’s Compensation, Personal Leave and Faculty Sabbatical

La Kiesha Cummings Hamm
Director of Human Resources
Contact Information
 Reed C119
(310) 825-6016
Julissa Cazares
Senior Staff Human Resource Analyst
Contact Information
 Reed C119
(310) 267-2827
Abelina "Abby" Contreras
Human Resource Specialist
Contact Information
 Reed C119
(310) 825-6183
Enjoli Cormier
Senior Payroll Analyst
Contact Information
 Reed C119
(310) 825-0719

Academic Personnel


Our Academic Personnel team provides personnel services for Academic Employees in the Department of Neurology including the following:

  • Preparation and Analysis of faculty & academic series dossiers for appointment and advancement (Promotions and Merits)
  • Onboarding & Offboarding for Faculty & Academic employees
  • Coordination of Faculty Searches, in collaboration with the Chair’s Office, through UC Recruit, HERC, Journal Postings
  • Benefits Enrollment & Counseling
  • Outside Income Reporting
*Academic employees include: Neurology Faculty, Clinical Instructors, Researchers, Project Scientists, Specialists, Visiting Academic Employees, and Voluntary Faculty
General Inbox

Jackelyn Shinn
Principal Academic Personnel Analyst
Contact Information
 Reed C119
(310) 206-6959
Yadira Marquez
Academic Personnel Analyst
Contact Information
 Reed C119
(310) 206-6567