Behavioral Neurology and Neuropsychiatry

The UCLA/VA Neurobehavior Program sponsors one of the premier Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology Training Programs in the United States. Fellows in the program benefit from its resources and join a growing group of clinicians and scientists probing brain/behavior disorders.

The UCLA/VA Behavioral Neurology and Neuropsychiatry Fellowship Program has combined strengths in the areas of clinical cognitive disorders, dementia, and neurological neuropsychiatry. Bedside mental status assessment and cognitive research evaluations are major aspects of the fellowship. Clinical and research interests of the program include explorations into frontal-executive functions in frontotemporal dementia, social cognition in dementia, perceptual disturbances in focal brain disorders, language disturbances, the diagnosis and management of the dementias, "organic" psychoses, "organic" affective disorders, psychiatric syndromes accompanying movement disorders, and others. We can accept multiple fellows each year with a background in neurology or psychiatry. The desire for advanced training in behavioral and cognitive neurology should be the major priority for candidates interested in this program. The fellowship is designed as two-year program: the first year emphasizes the development of clinical expertise and the second stresses research activities. Candidates must be US citizens or permanent residents.

A typical weekly schedule includes two or three half-day clinics (new patient evaluations and followthrough assessments), a basic behavioral science seminar on Tuesday mornings at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center, a cognitive neuroscience conference on Thursday mornings, a didactic conference at UCLA on Monday afternoons, and Neurology Grand Rounds on Wednesday mornings, plus a number of clinical conferences. Among these structured activities are hospital consultations and assorted clinical and teaching duties.

The facilities of the program include an inpatient consultation service that spans both the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center and the UCLA Medical Center, neurobehavior and memory disorders clinics at the VA, and a focal dementia clinic at UCLA. The active teaching faculty includes neurologists and others who have a particular interest in behavioral abnormalities.

Approximately two weeks of paid annual leave and one week of education leave are allowed yearly. It is usually possible to help defray the cost of an annual profession meeting.

If you are interested in applying for fellowship, send a formal letter stating a definite interest in the fellowship in Behavioral Neurology and Neuropsychiatry Fellowship Program or Neurobehavior. Please include an up-to date copy of your curriculum vitae. In addition, three letters of reference are required, preferably from individuals who have been active in your most recent training program and can discuss your potential for advanced training and specialization.

Please send all applications to:

Mario F. Mendez, M.D.,Ph.D, Director, Neurobehavior Unit (Bldg 500/3S,116AF)
VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare Center
11301 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90073
(310) 478-3711, ext. 42696

Fellowship Information

Fellowship Duration

2 years

Fellowship Salary

By negotiation with Director, within departmental guidelines

Fellowship Application Period

Accepted 3-12 months prior to start date

Typical Source of Funding

Grants, Clinical Trials, and Clinical Revenues

Number of Positions Funded Per Year

Up to 3

Is Program Conducted Entirely Within the Department of Neurology